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2019 East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival - February 7th-9th - Washington, NC

The East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival is back for 2019 and is just around the corner, being held on February 7-9th in Washington, North Carolina. 

If you cannot attend the show in person, mail-ins will be accepted until February 2, 2019, so there's still time to get your entries mailed-in.

Click Here for all of the Details

We hope to see you and your entries there!


2018 IWCA Decorative Carver of the Year - Updated Final Results - 01/01/2019

The final results for the 2018 IWCA Decorative Carver of the Year have been updated. Those carver who were not members of the IWCA were removed.

Click Here for the Updated Final Results

Remember to pay your annual IWCA Membership fees to be eligible for IWCA Championship events and other IWCA sponsored events.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2018 IWCA Decorative Carver of the Year winners!


2018 IWCA Style Decoy and IWCA Working Decoy Championship - Results

The 2018 IWCA Stule Decoy and IWCA Working Decoy Championship results have been posted with photos of the Best of Show winners in each championship division.

Click Here to View Results and Photos!

This closes out the year for the IWCA Championship Events.

We hope to see you and your entries at the next IWCA Sanctioned Affiliate Member Show

East Carolina Wildfowl Arts Festival in 2019!

On behalf of everyone at the IWCA



2018 IWCA Decorative Carver of the Year - Novice/Intermediate Winners Announced!

The results are in! Many thanks to IWCA Records Keeper, Tom Goddard, for compiling the points through out the year for the final results! Now we have the winners. In fact, due to several ties in 2018, we have several winners across the country!

Each winner will receive an engraved plaque for their efforts and successes in 2018. Novice and intermediate carvers entered their works at  the various IWCA Affiliate Member Shows held over the course of the year. With every win, in the decoratrive divisions, the carver accrued points for a final total at the end of the year.

Click Here for all of the Details

On behalf of the IWCA, congratulations to all of the 2018 recipients of the IWCA Decorative Carver of the Year Award!



2019 Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Decoy Carving Competition Dates Announced

The WWA has announced the dates and location of the 2019 Decoy Carving Competition. The event will be held on July 27th at the Cabela's in Richfield, WI during the Waterfowl Weekend. Entries for the decoy competition will be accepted on July 26 as well.

Visit their website for more information...


2019 East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival - Competition Book/Entry Form/Exhibitor App

The 2019 East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival Competition Brochure, Entry Form, and Exhibitors Application Form are now available for download on their IWCA Affiliate Show page...

Click Here to Download the Brochure and Forms

The IWCA is happy the ECWAF is back for 2019 and we hope to see you and your entries at the competition!


2018 IWCA Style Decoy & IWCA Working Decoy Championships - December 1& 2


The Core Sound Decoy Festival will be hosts of the 2018 IWCA Style Championship as well as the IWCA Working Decoy Championship on December 1st & 2nd in Harkers Island, NC.

Walter (Brother) Gaskill won this year's poster contest with his Belted Kingfisher (2018 Featured Species) pictured to the left. William (Bill) Veasey is the featured artist for 2018.

Congratulations to Brother and Bill!

The Core Cound Decoy Festival Accept mail-ins if you cannot attend the show.

For more information:

(252) 838-8818

 1574 Harkers Island Rd, Beaufort, NC 28516

Hope to see you there!


2018 Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo - Ward Museum - Salisbury, MD - October 13


Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo

October 13th, 2018

Ward Museum Salisbury, Maryland 
Contact: Rich Smoker 
Phone: (410) 742-4988 ext. 106 or 114 

More information - 2018 Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo


2018 IWCA Shorebird & Young Guns Championships - Columbia Flyway - 9/08 & 9/09

 Date: September 8-9, 2018
Location: Columbia Flyway Wildlife Show, Vancouver, WA

2018 Young Guns Championship
1st Best of Show - $200
2nd Best of Show - $100
3rd Best of Show - $50
2018 IWCA Shorebird Championship
1st Best of Show - $200
2nd Best of Show - $100
3rd Best of Show - $50
Mail-in Entries Accepted

Contact: Don Baiar



2018 Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Carving Competition - 08/10 - 08/11

WWA Decoy Carving Competition Weekend

August 10 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

2nd Annual Decoy Carving Contest and Exhibition

August 10 – 11, 2018

This year’s competition will be part of a Waterfowl Weekend and held in conjunction with Wisconsin State Duck and Goose Calling Championships at the same location.  Please note, for those of you that participated in our First Annual Decoy Carving Contest, there have been some changes in categories and entrant classes for the 2018 contest.


This is a new division for 2018. The Decorative class is painted with extra detail and precision.  All entries in this division must be made of wood; full body decoys are allowed. They should have life-like attitude.  Feet and legs must be hand carved or constructed by the carver in open level only. This division includes all duck categories (puddle, diving, sea) along with geese and swans, confidence and shorebirds and wading birds. These decoys will be judged on the shelf.  Again, this division will have two carver levels, Open and Amateur.  Ribbons will be awarded per IWCA rules. Cash award will be given for Best of Show in each carver class. Please carefully review the rules in Appendix-C.

The following IWCA Decorative Lifesize - Non-floating categories shall be recognized at the 2018 WWA Carving Competition:

3.2.1. Puddle or Marsh Duck—Includes all species of mallard, black duck, pintail, widgeon, gadwall, teal, wood duck, and shoveler.

3.2.2. Diving Ducks—Includes all species of canvasback, redhead, scaup, ringneck, golden-eye, bufflehead, ruddy duck (summer or winter), and hooded merganser.

3.2.3. Sea Ducks—Includes all species of smew, long-tailed duck , scoter, eider, harlequin, red-breasted merganser, and common merganser.

3.2.4. Geese and Swans—Includes all species of geese, including brant and swans.

3.2.5. Confidence—Includes all species of gulls, loons (summer or winter), coots, gallinules, and all others.

3.2.7. Shorebirds and Wading Birds (Decorative and Decoy)—Avocets, cranes, curlews, dowitchers, dunlins, flamingos, godwits, herons, ibises, knots, limpkins, oystercatchers, plovers, rails, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, storks, turnstones, whimbrels, willets, yellowlegs.

There will be no divisions for raptors, songbirds or minatures judged at the 2018 competition

Entries may be checked in on Friday, August 10th.

Judging is on Saturday, August 11th.

Entries may be checked out after 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 12th.

Hope to see you there!