About the Gallery of Carvers

IWCA promotes the art of wildfowl carving, which includes decorative carving and sculptures, as well as decoy carvings. One way we show our appreciation to the members of the IWCA, is by providing a personal gallery to showcase their wildfowl carvings. This gallery serves as a member benefit to those members in good standing with the IWCA. These are the wildfowl carvings of IWCA members across the U. S. and Canada. We're eager to share the amazing art, skill and creativity present today in the world of wildfowl carving.

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IWCA members can post photographs of their work here for no charge. Many of these pieces may be available for purchase and are shown here as a record of the carver's work. Contact the artist with the information included in each member's gallery.

Members who want to post photographs of their wildfowl carvings should submit the following to iwfcaweb@gmail.com:

  1. Up to five images, uncompressed/unoptimized for the best possible display on our website. Contact us about a direct link to upload high-res files or with any questions you may have at iwfcaweb@gmail.com.
  2. IWCA may resize your images, but we will not manipulate them in any way. What you send is what we post.
  3. A brief paragraph describing the piece: What style is it? Wood? Paint? Anything unusual that the reader should know?
  4. Your website URL (if you have one). (Optional)
  5. Your e-mail address if you want viewers to contact you directly. (Optional)