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3.1. General Guidelines

3.1.1. If there are three or more entries of the same species in any category, where they are not specified as a class, a separate class will be opened to judge these entries.

3.1.2. Each show will retain the right to establish species classes under the categories.

3.1.3. Ribbons will be awarded in all advertised classes.

3.2. IWCA Categories

3.2.1. Puddle or Marsh Duck—Includes all species of mallard, black duck, pintail, widgeon, gadwall, teal, wood duck, and shoveler.

3.2.2. Diving Ducks—Includes all species of canvasback, redhead, scaup, ringneck, golden-eye, bufflehead, ruddy duck (summer or winter), and hooded merganser.

3.2.3. Sea Ducks—Includes all species of smew, long-tailed duck , scoter, eider, harlequin, red-breasted merganser, and common merganser.

3.2.4. Geese and Swans—Includes all species of geese, including brant and swans.

3.2.5. Confidence—Includes all species of gulls, loons (summer or winter), coots, gallinules, and all others.

3.2.6. Songbirds (Decorative)—Blackbirds, buntings, chickadees, creepers, crows, cuckoos, dippers, finches, flycatchers, gnatcatchers, goatsuckers, grosbeaks, hummingbirds, jays, kingfishers, king -lets, larks, nuthatches, orioles, parrots, pipits, shrikes, sparrows, starlings, swallows, swifts, tan agers, thrashers, thrushes, titmice, vireos, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers, wrens.

3.2.7. Shorebirds and Wading Birds (Decorative and Decoy)—Avocets, cranes, curlews, dowitchers, dunlins, flamingos, godwits, herons, ibises, knots, limpkins, oystercatchers, plovers, rails, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, storks, turnstones, whimbrels, willets, yellowlegs.

3.2.8. Seabirds (Decorative)—Auks, boobies, cormo-rants, frigates, grebes, gulls, jaegers, pelicans, petrals, puffins, shearwater, skimmers, terns, tropic birds.

3.2.9. Upland Game Birds ( Deco rative)—Doves, grouse, pheasants, pigeons, quail, turkeys, wood cock.

3.2.10. Birds of Prey ( Deco rative)—Eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, vultures.

3.2.11. Saltwater Fish—Classes may include up to four types of saltwater fish. Tropical Reef Fish: I n clud es w rasses, but-terflys, angels, damselfish, squirrel fish, group ers, eels, and other primarily reef-dwelling spe-cies. Offshore Game Fish: I ncludes blu e fish, dolphin, mahi mahi, mackerels, tunas, do ries, jacks, and bullfish. Coastal Game Fish: I nclu des strip ed bass, bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish, sea trout, weakfish, snook, and bonita. Miscellaneous saltwater fish: I nclu des all sharks, rays, flounder, halibut, billed fish, seahorse, etc.

3.2.12. Freshwater Fish Game Fish: A ll b ass, pik e, mu sk ie, w alleye. Panfish: Su nfish, crappie, p erch , b luegill. Trout/Salmon/Char: Brow n, rainbow , brook, cutthroat, golden, grayling, chars, and all salmon species. Miscellaneous Freshwater Fish: I ncludes all other freshwater fish not classified elsewhere including such species as gar, sturgeon, carp, catfish, paddlefish, shad, etc.


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