Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 9:37PM

5.1. Carvers are responsible for knowing and understanding all rules of the contests entered.

5.2. Carvers are responsible for registration of his/her carvings at the appropriate level of competition (Open, Intermediate, Novice) and must move from level to level as the rules dictate. Carvers who deliberately violate this advancement rule will be declared ineligible to enter any IWCA-affiliated show for a period of one year.

5.3. Carvers shall address any questions or problems to the Show Chairman and/or IWCA Show Representative.

5.4. Carvers shall not communicate with the judges at any time during the judging process.

5.5. Carvers shall not display or have a carving critiqued by a judge prior to being evaluated by that judge in competition.

5.6. Carvers who solicit a judge to critique his/her carvings after they have been judged will accept the judge’s comments and criticisms courteously.

5.7. Carvings should be the sole work of the contestant.

5.8. Classroom entries are allowed at the Novice level only.

5.9. Cast parts are allowed at the Junior, Novice, and Intermediate levels only.

5.10. Carvers should not enter carvings to be judged by instructors or taxidermists from whose work the carving was created.

5.11. Carvings can be entered in any one show or competition one time only.

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