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22.1. All entrants must be current members of IWCA.

22.2. Fish decoys are fishing lures designed to be jigged through a hole in the ice to lure fish within range of a spear.


22.3. All carvings must be made of wood, carved and painted by the carver entering them, and may not be entered in the same show more than once.

22.4. All decoys will be judged in the water. Line-ties are required. Fins, line-ties, eyes, and ballast may be of wood or other materiel appropriate to the task.

22.5. Decoys must be of sturdy construction and have durable paint or finish. Those that split, check, lose paint or show other faults in construction while judging will be disqualified.

22.6. No castings, kits, or machine duplicated carvings in whole or in part will be allowed.

22.7. Maximum size is 24 inches.

22.8. The judges and the show committee will reclassify any entry that is considered to be entered in the wrong class or division.

22.9. If there are not three or more entries in a class, the entries may be consolidated with other classes within the same division for judging. If a class has ten or more entries, it may be divided by species or size for judging.

22.10. A junior class will be established in each division for carvers 17 years of age or younger at the time of registration.

22.11. Any carver who willfully or knowingly cheats may be banned from IWCA competition for up to one year.

22.12. Although fish spearing competitions are normally conducted at an Open level only, the show may offer additional competition levels.

22.13. A show may open additional classes within a division or add other divisions to fit local or regional interests.

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