IWCA recognizes the contributions of individuals to the art of wildfowl and fish carving. During past decades, certain individuals have promoted the art form with consistently positive efforts that have proven to be foundational in nature.

Some of these are carvers of outstanding skill and artistry who have pushed the limits and led other carvers in the use of new techniques, styles, and creative ideas. Others are carvers who dedicated their involvement to sustaining the art form through supporting shows and competitions where carvers could exchange ideas and learn from one another.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of these outstanding carvers is their common desire to teach and openly share what they've learned with less experienced carvers. These are carvers who have gained much, and returned much, to the art form.



Mr. IWCA: Bob Sutton

by Bill Einsig

 The genius of Bob Sutton springs from his deep understanding of the carving art form and the artists who pursue it. Combined with a Rube Goldberg attitude and the tenacity of a pit bull, Sutton always has a "new" idea to solve any problem. And, if he thinks you can help him with it, he'll give you a call. Just turn the TV off, get a cup of coffee, and let your spouse know it's Bob. You'll be awhile, and you'll enjoy it.

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Bruce Burk: Legendary Carver

by Bill Einsig

Based on interviews with Bruce Burk 

Photographs supplied by Diane Burk Byrnes


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R. Madison Mitchell

By James L. Trimble

 R. Madison Mitchell

 The Chesapeake’s Dominant Decoy Maker

 Reprinted with permission from the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Decoy Magazine.

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