IWCA Editorial Guidelines


IWCA accepts queries for articles to be posted on the IWCA Web site. Articles on carving, painting, habitat construction, and other techniques related to wildfowl carving are of interest.

Queries, ideas for articles, should contain a brief paragraph outlining the idea and indicating if photographs will accompany the article. Photographs are preferred for all articles. IWCA responds to all queries and issues an agreement letter when the query is accepted.

IWCA articles fall into one of several categories:

Enrichment: These are articles of a general nature and are intended for the enjoyment and education of our readers. Enrichment articles include birding, historical, opinion, biographical, and humor. Browse the Enrichment section of the IWCA Library to see current articles in this group.

How-to: How-to articles offer step-by-step process for completing a project, or a step in the process of creating a wildfowl carving. Browse the How-to section of the IWCA Library to see current articles in this group.

Profiles: Profiles of carvers highlight the work of active and past wildfowl carvers. The article should contain a brief, but interesting, bio and an overview of the carver's work, awards, and appropriate accomplishments. Photos of the carver and his/her work must be part of the package.

Reference: Natural history and photographs of specific species fall in the Reference category. Depending on the number of photographs, submissions could be added to the IWCA Gallery.

Show profiles: Articles highlighting a particular show will be placed in a special category for IWCA member organizations. Some IWCA shows now have profiles, but they can be modified at any time. This is, basically, a public relations piece designed to introduce the show to the public. It should not contain information specific to an upcoming annual show.

Show photos, winner lists, and summary reports will be posted when submitted. Photos will be placed in the IWCA Gallery, winner lists will be posted in Competition Results, and summary reports will be posted in the Enrichment section.

While IWCA does not pay for editorial contributions, it can offer a number of benefits to IWCA members. The IWCA website is a member-supported organ of IWCA.