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2013 PFDA and Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship

The PFDA and IWCA would like to extend an invitation for all to attend the 42nd annual Pacific Flyway Wildfowl Art Classic. The PFDA will also be the host of the 2013 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship. The show will be held on July 13th and 14th in Sacramento, California. We hope that you can join in on the celebration, in the heart of California’s duck country. Whether your interests are carving, collecting, fine art, hunting, fishing, or bird watching, this year’s “Classic” will bring you closer to the world of original wildlife art.

The show features events, seminars and contests all weekend long at the Doubletree Hotel. The show features many IWCA contests as well as some contests very unique to the PFDA and the west coast. Including:

  • The Jinx Troon Painting Contest: always fantastic as carvers compete in a timed painting contest.
  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Competitions: male Gambel’s Quail and a male yellow headed blackbird
  • N. American Sea Ducks / Mergansers: This year is a Red Breasted Merganser.
  • CWA “Carver of the Year” - This year is a Northern Spoonbill.
  • Dick Troon Carving Competition - a hand tool carving contest of a kingfisher.
  • Mike Ward Memorial - a special memorial competition for a hen wigeon.
  • 2013 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship.

And this just scratches the surface of the events at the show. Please see the show brochure for full details.

Download and read the show brochure carefully for information regarding carver’s eligibility, rule changes, new competitions, and mail-in requirements: 2013 PFDA Show Brochure

You can also download the registration form here: 2013 PFDA registration form

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