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2014 IWCA Style Shorebird Championship

The Ohio Decoy Collectors & Carvers Show and Auction will held in Strongsville, OH on March 8th & 9th at the Holiday Inn (ARPT). The ODCCA has been an Affiliate Member of the IWCA for many years, and will host the 2014 IWCA Style Shorebird Championship.

There are no qualifications necessary to compete in the championship. The awards for Best of Show are as follows:

1st IWCA Style Shorebird - Best of Show  $200
2nd IWCA Style Shorebird - Best of Show $100
3rd IWCA Style Shorebird - Best of Show  $  50

Results of the 2014 IWCA Style Shorebird Championship

IWCA Style Shorebird Decoy Rules

For more information go to the ODCCA website:

Hope to see you there!


2013 Decorative Carver of The Year Awards

This past weekend, 14-Feb, at the California Open Wildlife Festival, the Decorative Caver of the Year awards were presented during Friday night's banquet. Gary De Cew, president of PSWA, presented the awards to the winners.

Bob Mathews and Tom Goddard won the Intermediate and Novice Decorative Carver of the Year awards respectively. It takes quite a few wins and a real commitment to competition to win this award. Congratulations Bob and Tom, you've earned it.

If you are interested in learning more about the Decorative Carver of the Year contest, you can read about it here.

Here are Tom and Bob together with their awards:


Bob Mathews of Fair Oaks, CA wins the 2013 Intermediate DCOY division with 400 points. Gary De Cew presents him the award.

Tom Goddard of Lake Tapawingo, MO wins the 2013 novice DCOY division with 270 points. Gary De Cew presents him the award.


2014 PSWA California Open Results Have Been Posted

New Page 2

Congratulations to the winners from the 2014 PSWA California Open! Here's the results...


2014 PSWA California Open

Just around the corner, February 14-16, Is the PSWA California Open Wildlife Art Festival in San Diego.

John Gewerth's 3rd Best of Show Green-winged Teal - IWCA Style - 2013 California Open

The IWCA Novice and Intermediate Decorative Carver of the Year Awards Presentation is on Friday, February 14th. Hope to see you there!

You can download your entry form and show brochure from our site here or directly from the PSWA website


A Message from the President

Greeting to all IWCA Members,

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I became President of this great organization. We have made some real strides this year, improving communications with affiliate member clubs, along with experiencing better involvement. An encouraging sign.

There have been significant changes made in the IWCA Style Decoy rules, with the hope of attracting more competitors to this popular division.

In 2014 there will be renewed focus on stressing complete compliance to the IWCA rules as written, by the affiliate shows and those judging declared IWCA divisions and classes at their events. Adherence to the rules in the judging process will insure continuity in the results from one show to the next.

Remember, the IWCA is your organization and we need input from you as individual members and affiliate members to keep this organization vibrant. Let me hear from you if you have any new ideas. We are always in need of volunteers to help with the organizational duties of the IWCA. If you can help out, we’d like to hear from you!

I wish you all a happy and successful year and I look forward to hearing from you. 


Heck Rice - President 


2014 Updates Rules Booklet Now Available

The 2014 update of the IWCA rule book is now available for download:

2014 IWCA Rules Booklet

In addition, the rules documented on the website have been updated to reflect the changes.

IWCA Style competitors take special notice as a number of rules changes have taken place that effect this level of competition. These changes were proposed by a committee of carvers from all over the US and were discussed and passed by the board of IWCA.


26th Annual Core Sound Decoy Festival

Harkers Island comes to life the first full weekend in December each year as the Core Sound Decoy Guild holds its annual Core Sound Decoy Festival. People have been Core-Sound-2013-Postermaking the pilgrimage to the event since 1988.

The 26th Annual Core Sound Decoy Festival will be held on Saturday, December 7th and Sunday, December 8th at the Harkers Island Elementary School.

The festival has many attractions that include antique decoy exhibits, retriever demonstrations, competitions including duck calling, loon calling, head whittling, and a live and silent auction. There’s always delicious food offered by Harkers Island Elementary School staff and volunteers, and plenty of shopping opportunities from the many vendors who flock to the festival each year.

As always, this show features several events uniqe to the region, as well as some IWCA contests.

  • Core Sound hunting style decoys

  • Root head decoys

  • Duplin County Ducks Unlimited decoy (2013 is a Redhead Drake)

  • IWCA working decoys

  • IWCA style decoys

  • Decorative decoys

This year's contest is also the location for the 2013 IWCA Style Shorebird Decoy Championship.

The Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild has a very nice website you can visit for additional information. You can also download the show brochure and entry form here:

2013 Entry Form

2013 Competition Booklet


Pacific Flyway Decoy Association update

Greetings to all IWCA Members. It is unfortunate that I must report that the PFDA show in Sacramento, CA has withdrawn it's membership from IWCA effective immediately. We are sorry they are leaving and wish them the best. This means that any future wins at this show will not count towards IWCA awards. Keep carving and hope to see you at a future show.

My best,
Heck Rice, president


2013 PFDA and Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship

The PFDA and IWCA would like to extend an invitation for all to attend the 42nd annual Pacific Flyway Wildfowl Art Classic. The PFDA will also be the host of the 2013 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship. The show will be held on July 13th and 14th in Sacramento, California. We hope that you can join in on the celebration, in the heart of California’s duck country. Whether your interests are carving, collecting, fine art, hunting, fishing, or bird watching, this year’s “Classic” will bring you closer to the world of original wildlife art.

The show features events, seminars and contests all weekend long at the Doubletree Hotel. The show features many IWCA contests as well as some contests very unique to the PFDA and the west coast. Including:

  • The Jinx Troon Painting Contest: always fantastic as carvers compete in a timed painting contest.
  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Competitions: male Gambel’s Quail and a male yellow headed blackbird
  • N. American Sea Ducks / Mergansers: This year is a Red Breasted Merganser.
  • CWA “Carver of the Year” - This year is a Northern Spoonbill.
  • Dick Troon Carving Competition - a hand tool carving contest of a kingfisher.
  • Mike Ward Memorial - a special memorial competition for a hen wigeon.
  • 2013 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship.

And this just scratches the surface of the events at the show. Please see the show brochure for full details.

Download and read the show brochure carefully for information regarding carver’s eligibility, rule changes, new competitions, and mail-in requirements: 2013 PFDA Show Brochure

You can also download the registration form here: 2013 PFDA registration form


2013 Working Decoy Championship Winner and OWF results

Congratulations to Tom Matus of Boise, Idaho for his sweep of the 2013 IWCA Open Class Working Decoy Championship. Tom won first, second, and third best of division this past weekend at the Oregon Waterfowl Festival where the 2013 contest was held.

First place went to the stunning pintail that is featured in the Oregon Waterfowl Festival results page, as well as this photo here. In this picture, Tom is also holding his bufflehead drake that took best in show for the IWCA Style contest. 


You can see the full show results from the Oregon Waterfowl Festival, as well as additional pictures from the show here:

OWF Results

OWF photo gallery