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2012 St. Clair Flats Wildfowl Association Decoy Show

2012 St. Clair Flats Wildfowl Association Decoy Show

Saturday, August 11th, 2012
Perch Point Conservation Club -7930 Meisner Road
Casco Twp., MI 48064


Gary Hanson's Market Gunner, Single - Best of Show winner 2012

This weekend, Saturday the 11th, is the 29th annual St. Clair Flats decoy show. Please join us at the Perch Point Conservation Club for our one-day event. This is classic decoy show featuring both traditional, regional categories as well as IWCA categories. The St. Clair Flats show features "Market Gunner" contests that have always allowed carved and raised primary feathers to capture the essence of the species, and continue to do so. 

Some of the contests featured at this show include:

  • IWCA Style
  • Market Gunner, singles
  • Market Gunner, three-bird rig
  • Gunning Shorebirds
  • Cocktail Birds

There is also a kids painting contest at 11 am. The class is open to kids 17 and under. The decoy to be painted will be a Canvasback Sleeper from The E. Allen Decoy Company, using Golden Acrylic paints with brushes & supplies from The Duck Blind. This years Kid’s Painting Class is sponsored by Lou & Anne Tisch from Lock Stock & Barrell, Inc and The E. Allen Decoy Company.

This show also features a special offering in the action. Each year club members pick a specific species and members carve a donate birds to create a truely impressive rig. The 2012 St. Clair Flats Rig species is an Old Squaw and includes birds carved by the following members:

  • Jerry Stateler
  • Gary Hanson
  • Terry Desilets
  • Lou Tisch
  • Roland Garland
  • Jim Kirby
  • Paul Foytack
Each decoy has been branded as a Limited Edition Carving, specifically for the 2012 Flats Show.
Please plan on joining us this Saturday. Entries must be registered between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m, and judging begins at 10:00am. 
You can download the show brochure, rules and entry for here: 2012 SCFWA show brochure





2012 Pacific Flyway Decoy Association Classic Wildlife Arts Festival 

2012 PFDA "Classic" Wildlife Arts Festival 

Friday July 13th - Sunday July 15th
Double Tree Hotel - 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA

The PFDA and IWCA would like to extend an invitation for all to attend the 42nd annual Pacific Flyway Wildfowl Art Classic. We hope that you can join in on the celebration, in the heart of California’s duck country. Whether your interests are carving, collecting, fine art, hunting, fishing, or bird watching, this year’s “Classic” will bring you closer to the world of original wildlife art.


Brad Snodgrass, Hen Red-Breasted Merganser, 2nd Best in Show Floating Decoratives

The show features events, seminars and contests all weekend long at the Doubletree Hotel. The show features many IWCA contests as well as some contests very unique to the PFDA and the west coast. Including:

  • The Jinx Troon Painting Contest: always fantastic as carvers compete in a timed painting contest.
  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Competitions: male Gambel’s Quail and a male yellow headed blackbird
  • N. American Sea Ducks / Mergansers: This year is a Red Breasted Merganser.
  • CWA “Carver of the Year” - This year is a Northern Spoonbill.
  • Dick Troon Carving Competition - a hand tool carving contest of a kingfisher.
  • Mike Ward Memorial - a special memorial competition for a hen wigeon.

And this just scratches the surface of the events at the show. Please see the show brochure for full details.

Download and read the show brochure carefully for information regarding carver’s eligibility, rule changes, new competitions, and mail-in requirements: 2012 PFDA Show Brochure

You can also download the registration form here: 2012 PFDA registration form


2012 Calgary Wildfowl And Art Show

New for 2012, the Calgary Wildfowl and Art Show:

Friday July 6th - Sunday July 8th

Inglewood Community Centre and Recreation Grounds 
(Wildfowl Carving Competition, Fine Art Festival & Sales)
1740 24 st SE Calgary, Alberta

Glenn McMurdo, Hen Wood Duck

This show is the first ever in Calgary to be combined with other artists who participate in all types of art. It is the show’s intent to provide a venue large enough to attract the General public to come and enjoy a weekend filled with many types and styles performed by various artists. Our show will display art done with Oils, Acrylics, Wax, Bone, Antler, Fine Print, Book Binding, Jewellery and many others. It will allow the general public to perhaps purchase a special piece from any one of the various participating artists and vendors.

COMPETITION AND SHOW: Calgary Wildfowl Carving and Arts Festival

Inglewood Community Centre and Recreation Grounds
(Wildfowl Carving Competition, Fine Art Festival & Sales)
1740 24 st SE Calgary, Alberta

Slovenian Hall (one block west)
(Friday Social and Saturday Night Banquet)
2335 16A SE Calgary, Alberta

SHOW TIMES - 2012:

Friday    July 6th from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday    July 7th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday    July 8th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

$5.00 per adult or $10.00 per family


Keith LeVoir - Show Chairman
PH 403-861-6846

2012 Decorative Carver of the Year standings are updated

The standings for the 2012 Decorative Carver of the Year have been updated with the results from the first three contests this year.

You can view the current standings here: DCOY standings as of June 22nd, 2012

Debbie Van Vliet, Chickadee - 1st BOS, Lifesize Non-Floating, Novice Class


New photo galleries are up.

New photo galleries are posted and availble now in the gallery section.

Now posted are the photos from the 2012 ODCCA

Al Fulford, BOS Decorative Floating Open Division - 2012 ODCCA

As well as the 2012 Rappahannock River show

Ames Belote, BOS Bench Division - 2012 Rappahannock River


And, as a reminder to everyone in case you missed any of the galleries or results getting posted, don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. As soon as photo galleries, show results, and news entries are posted, you'll get notified in your facebook/twitter feed. You'll never miss another update again!


2012 ODCCA Show

We're a little over a week away from the ODCCA show. The show is held, as always, at the Holiday Inn Westlake, 1100 Crocker Road, Westlake, OH on March 16th, 17th, and 18th.

Joe Brewer's Best of Show entry in the 2011 Shooting Stool (Wildfowlers Rig) contest

If you've never made it to this show, you really owe it to yourself to attend. There are contests and demonstrations that go on all weekend long, starting on Friday, some running well into the night, and continuing until the conclusion of the Wildfowler's Contest in the pool on Sunday. See the show's new website for more information on the events of weekend as well as detailed rules for every contest.

The Wildfowler's contest is a classic gunning bird competition and if it's not the biggest gunning bird contest in the country, it's certainly in the top two and it's a sight to see.

Andy Chluspa, Best in Show Shorebirds, 2010 ODCCA

There are also IWCA contests in style, decorative, and shorebirds as well as unique carving and painting contests that run for the weekend. Don't forget as well, the 2012 Bob Sutton IWCA Style and Youth Championships are being held at this show. It will be quite a weekend of top-notch contests.

The show also attracts a nice mix of vendors. There will be booths that completely fill the huge ballroom at the hotel, with many more spilling out into the surrounding halls. It's a good time to stock up on those supplies so don't forget your wallet.

The show really has a unique and fun feel to it that you have to attend to appreciate. So please plan a trip to Westlake OH, March 16th - 18th, whether you have birds to enter, or simply just want to experience the show.



Photos posted from the 2012 California Open

The photos have finally been posted from the 2012 California Open and we have hundreds of them. Check them out at the photo result page where we have Laurie J McNeil's wonderful Common Loon palm frond entry as the featured photo for the gallery.

Visit our photo gallery and enjoy.


2012 Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show

The Rappahanock River Waterfowl Show is coming up on March 17th in White Stone, Virginia. It is a unique art festival showcasing all forms of wildfowl art. 

James Richmond, Best in Show Buoy Decoys, Division B, 2011 Rappahannock River

This particular show a few contests that are quite unique, in addition to the typical contests you are accustomed to seeing. Some of the more unique contests include:
  • The 2012 IWCA Canvas Decoy Championship. This contest is open to everyone, and follows the IWCA Canvas decoy rules. 
  • Buoy Body Decoys - The first and only buoy competition in the country. The body must be made of some type of float, and must retain the appearance of a buoy. There are two divisions within this contest. Division A requires that the head must be a silhouette and paint should be simple. Division B requires a fully carved head and allows more advanced painting.
  • Foam Decoys - The only rules in this contest are that the body must be made of some type of styrofoam and the decoy must self right. Unlimited painting and head/bill detail are allowed.
  • The show features IWCA Working, IWCA Style and IWCA Gunning Shorebird competitions as well.
Mail-in entries are allowed. You can visit the Rappahanock River show profile on our site for more details on show contacts, or you can visit the website of the Rappahanock River Show itself.
Show brochures and entry forms are available for downloads at the following links:

Show Flyer
Entry Form


2012 Championship Contests

Don't forget, IWCA members, three of the four IWCA sponsored championship contests are being held during the weekend of March 17th and 18th this year, and that weekend is approaching quickly. Get those entries finished up if you're still working on them.


Bob Sutton IWCA Style Decoy Championship contest 

Jerry Harris' drake long-tailed duck, 2011 Bob Sutton IWCA Style championship

This year the contest is being held at the ODCCA show in Westlake, OH - March 17th and 18th. Letters went out this week to the quailfying carvers. However, carvers can still qualify at the ODCCA show the weekend of the championship, so it's not too late if you haven't yet qualified. In order to qualify, you need to earn a first, second, or third place finish (in species, BOS not required) at an offical IWCA Style contest. If you didn't receive a letter and feel you should have, or have additional questions, please contact us to confirm. 

Mail-in entries accepted but must be received by Wednesday, March 14th. You can download a copy of the entry form here

For more details on the contest, you can visit the Bob Sutton IWCA Style Championship page.

2012 IWCA Young Guns Championship

First in all age divisions at the 2009 Young Guns Championship

The 2012 IWCA Young Guns Championship will also be held during the same weekend at the ODCCA Show. The contest is open to all carvers 17 years old and under.

Mail-in entries accepted but must be received by Wednesday, March 14th. You can download a copy of the entry form here

You can see aditional details on the contest at the Young Guns Championship page.

2012 IWCA Canvas Decoy Championship

Drew Zajac, Best in Show, 2010 IWCA Canvas Championship

The IWCA Canvas Decoy Championship will be held at the Rappannock River Waterfowl Show on March 17th. IWCA Canvas Decoy Rules are followed for this contest. Mail-in entries are accepted via UPS or Postal Service. Please contact Heck Rice for more information. Entry form and show details are available here:

Show Flyer
Entry Form


California Open and East Carolina Full Results Posted

Full show results from both the 2012 California Open and East Carolina Wildfowl Arts Festival have been posted in the competition results section.

Pat Godin's Mallard Hen - Best of Show in IWCA Decorative Floating - 2012 California Open

Here are the direct links:

2012 California Open Results

2012 East Carolina Results