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2011 Core Sound Results and Photo Gallery Updated

The 2011 Core Sound Decoy Festival Results and Photo Gallery have just been added. Use the Navigation links on the left hand side of the site, or you can click the direct links here:

2011 Core Sound Results

2011 Core Sound Photo Gallery

Gary Doviak - Root Head Brant - Best of Show in the Root Head Contest


Byrn Watson suffers a stroke

Many of you have heard by now but our President, Byrn Watson, had a stroke on Monday afternoon, Nov. 28th. The neurologist says it is a small stroke and he will improve with physical therapy. It didn't affect his speech or his muscles, but it did affect his balance pretty badly.


JoAnne reports that she is seeing improvement every day, but of course Byrn would like it to go faster.  She's pretty encouraged that he will recover almost 100% (nobody is perfect).  He has a goal to visit his son for Christmas.  It is good to have a goal to strive for.


Earlier this week, JoAnne took his carving tools to him to keep busy with his free time during his recovery.  They have approved it for part of his occupational therapy. He is now walking around with a walker to keep his balance but it is getting better.  His spirits are good most of the time but he does need a little cheering up from time to time.


He is currently staying at the Providence St. Peter Rehab in Olympia, which the Watson family is very happy with. If everything goes according to schedule, Byrn will be released next Friday or Saturday.


Many of you have already reached out to Byrn and JoAnne with cards and phone calls. They are VERY appreciated. It gets a little lonely there at times and Byrn does need the positive energy. So please, keep them coming. His telephone number is 360 493-4445.  He is not busy in the late afternoon and evening so that's a good time to call. If you'd like to send a card, their home address is the best bet for now. JoAnne makes sure he gets his mail delivered daily.


194 Summerside Drive
Centralia, WA USA 98531
home phone: 360-736-1082

Thanks for all the good thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  We will keep you posted.

Updated 2011 Decorative Carver of the Year Standing

The standings for the 2011 Decorative Carver of the Year have been updated with the results of the Columbia Flyway Show.

You can view the current standings here: DCOY standings as of September 19th, 2011

Don't forget, decorative carvers, the Core Sound Decoy Festival is your last chance to accumulate any points for 2011.

Randy Dunbar's Best of IWCA Decorative Lifesize Novice Division Robin


24th Annual Core Sound Decoy Festival

The Core Sound Decoy Festival is right around the corner, on December 3rd and 4th.

In addition to the regular categories featured at the show, a new contest has been added this year. The Duplin County Ducks Unlimited Chapter has agreed to sponsor a carving competition at the 2011 Core Sound Decoy Festival.

The bird will be a Lesser Scaup Drake. Decoys must be carved according to IWCA Working Decoy Rules. Prize money is as follows:

  • 1st place $750
  • 2nd place $500
  • 3rd place $250

These are purchase awards and the decoys become the property of Duplin County Ducks Unlimited.  Entry fee is $25/decoy. 

If you haven't already finished those birds, get cracking. Plan on heading out for the weekend or get those birds boxed up and sent out. Mail in's must be received by Wednesday, November 30, and include return postage.

You can download the 2011 rules book and entry forms here:

Visit the home page for the Core Sound show here: Or check out our show profile on this site.

Ben Heinenmann, 2010 Core Sound IWCA Working Decoy contest 


The IWCA loses a friend

Dick Troon

Feb. 15, 1928 - Oct. 4, 2011

From the PFDA

We lost a great carver, leader, and friend.
Dick Troon was there competing and volunteering at our first show…
and he never stopped giving the PFDA his positive energy.
Dick was commonly known as the “godfather of the PFDA”
We will all miss him!



2011 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Decoy Championship Results

Results of the 2011 Bob Sutton IWCA Style Decoy Championship are now posted in the Competition Results.

Jim Brace won best of show with his black duck.

Click here to view the full results



2011 Membership Survey

Compiled by Byrn Watson

774 questionnaires to current members were mailed.  About 24 were returned as undeliverable for a variety of reasons.  So we used 750.  From the 750, we received 110 responses or 14%.  Apparently it is not an unusually low response.

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2011 IWCA Membership Survey - Suggestions

Compiled by Byrn Watson

1. Have all shows use all IWCA Divisions/Categories
2. Have a handicapped level for challenged carvers
3. Promote more fish carving competitions
4. Bring the Michigan (North American) show back to Michigan
5. Expand the Web-site with tutorials and more pictures of carvings
6. More ribbons in novice events.   It creates enthusiasm
7. Help each show expand
8. After 3 or 4 wins carvers should bow out
9. More freedom on rules. Most birds are too much the same
10. A Chicago show would be great
11. Stay away from a Masters Class (too exclusive). Compete with the best
12. Judges should not judge their students work
13. Continue with the web-site and newsletter
14. Enforce the IWCA rules that already exist
15. Keep the rules simple and understandable so judges may use them wisely
16. There should be a rule that allows one person to carve and another to paint
17. A list of individuals willing to judge local shows would be helpful
18. Self-righting rule unnecessary for IWCA Style Birds
19. Self-righting, carved nostrils, raised wings rules should be eliminated.  No one can see them from a distance
20. Eliminate “home town” judging
21. Continue to provide uniform standards for all shows
22. Encourage new & existing carvers to enter shows by:
22 a. Providing opportunities to learn, free or low cost seminars, etc
22 b. Provide for all carvers work to be recognized (not just the big guns)
23. New point system for Novice and Int. Decoritive carver of the year. Song bird carvers at disadvantage
24. Better coverage to get news out about carving. More in perhaps unconventional publications
25. Comment section on web-site
26. For Carver of thee Year, limit award points to 3 pieces per carver per show
27. Less rules and support more classes
28. Open monthly question and answer section on website
29. Review rules for fish on base, resins, plastic and Plexiglas
30. Encourage more decorative carving divisions in shows
31. IWCA rules should accommodate regional styles
32. Open an expert level so less talented carvers complete against one another, not against the professionals
33. Show results should be posted on the Net. Competition Magazine only details with Best of Show in Open levels
34. IWCA should be using Facebook
35. Reach out to smaller clubs to help them
36. Use Apps for demos and carving instructions
37. IWCA & World rules should match up.   See about making this happen
38. Do not change the self-righting rule.  All decoy division to self right
39. Highlight that carvers must read rules and judging criteria
40. Get close working alliance with the Ward Foundation
41. Develop traveling show for Best of Show work
42. Find a place for Decoy Makers who don’t wish to compete
43. Promote with Decals & Patches
44. Acknowledge the collectors and sponsors that support the carvers
45. Keep politics out of decisions
46. Too wishy, washy. The rules are there. Stick to them or change
47. More use of web for communication
48. Keep improving the judging

Letter from the Board of ODCCA

Dear Friends of the ODCCA,


       This message is simply to state that the Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers Association (ODCCA) has not changed, regardless of any indications otherwise. We are still an organization which satisfies two very important factions: carvers and collectors.  Each year the ODCCA holds its show and sale on the third weekend in March at the Westlake Holiday Inn. This has not changed. In fact, pencil in our show date onto your calendar March 16, 17, and 18, 2012.  Jon Deeter of Guyette and Schmidt Auctions and Ken Cole of Michigan have voluntarily quit the ODCCA organization. Their leaving is unfortunate; however, as everything in life, memberships change and evolve over time.

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