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Byrn Watson suffers a stroke

Many of you have heard by now but our President, Byrn Watson, had a stroke on Monday afternoon, Nov. 28th. The neurologist says it is a small stroke and he will improve with physical therapy. It didn't affect his speech or his muscles, but it did affect his balance pretty badly.


JoAnne reports that she is seeing improvement every day, but of course Byrn would like it to go faster.  She's pretty encouraged that he will recover almost 100% (nobody is perfect).  He has a goal to visit his son for Christmas.  It is good to have a goal to strive for.


Earlier this week, JoAnne took his carving tools to him to keep busy with his free time during his recovery.  They have approved it for part of his occupational therapy. He is now walking around with a walker to keep his balance but it is getting better.  His spirits are good most of the time but he does need a little cheering up from time to time.


He is currently staying at the Providence St. Peter Rehab in Olympia, which the Watson family is very happy with. If everything goes according to schedule, Byrn will be released next Friday or Saturday.


Many of you have already reached out to Byrn and JoAnne with cards and phone calls. They are VERY appreciated. It gets a little lonely there at times and Byrn does need the positive energy. So please, keep them coming. His telephone number is 360 493-4445.  He is not busy in the late afternoon and evening so that's a good time to call. If you'd like to send a card, their home address is the best bet for now. JoAnne makes sure he gets his mail delivered daily.


194 Summerside Drive
Centralia, WA USA 98531
home phone: 360-736-1082

Thanks for all the good thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  We will keep you posted.

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