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Letter from the Board of ODCCA

Dear Friends of the ODCCA,


       This message is simply to state that the Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers Association (ODCCA) has not changed, regardless of any indications otherwise. We are still an organization which satisfies two very important factions: carvers and collectors.  Each year the ODCCA holds its show and sale on the third weekend in March at the Westlake Holiday Inn. This has not changed. In fact, pencil in our show date onto your calendar March 16, 17, and 18, 2012.  Jon Deeter of Guyette and Schmidt Auctions and Ken Cole of Michigan have voluntarily quit the ODCCA organization. Their leaving is unfortunate; however, as everything in life, memberships change and evolve over time.

Any new Ohio related decoy show that may emerge will be in no way affiliated with the ODCCA Show and Sale.  The ODCCA has not split into two groups. We are still one club, representing two groups, united in one purpose.

A new show is an attempt by a few non-ODCCA members, to change the format and reputation of the Westlake Decoy Show, which you all have helped build and have been enjoying its Success over the past 35 years.  Our focus is on organizing what most think to be one of the greatest decoy shows in the country. This has not changed.

        The Ohio Decoy Show will be held March 16, 17, and 18, 2012, in the Holiday Inn, Westlake Ohio.  The home the vintage decoy collectors and carvers have made in Westlake is still yours. The Show events will go on as usual.  For any show information please contact Carole Kmetz, (419)798-1274, or Mark Costilow (440) 988-4114

       We look forward to continuing the many traditions at our show. These include: Room to Room Vintage and Contemporary decoy sales,   Carving contests, Kids events, Carving and Vintage decoy seminars, Vintage decoy contests, The Kangas Award, Bill Green Memorial Display, Saturday night auction and Raffle, Ballroom sales, etc.  We also plan on bringing back, by popular demand, the Swim and Sell event Friday evening.  Other than missing a couple faces you will not recognize any difference.

     Our mission statement and purpose included in our bylaws is as follows, and has not changed.

     The mission of the Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers Association (a Not For Profit Organization) is to promote the preservation of our waterfowl heritage through collecting of old (vintage) decoys and creation of new decoys.  We recognize the artistry and craftsmanship of decoys and their uniqueness as American Folk Art.  We also strive to convey an appreciation of our wetlands and their contribution to our environment. 

The purpose of the association is:

  1. To bring together those people who are interested in collecting the old and contemporary decoys and related artifacts.
  2. To study and research the history of decoys, especially decoys and carvers of Ohio.
  3. To provide an opportunity of the beginner as well as the advanced collector and/or carver to participate in a seminar from time to time. 
  4. To promote and encourage Ohio decoy collectors, carvers and waterfowl artists.
  5. To strive to convey the important contribution our wetlands contribute to the environment.   Our support may be helping create or improve existing wetlands which is the very reason for our waterfowl heritage and creation of decoys.
  6. To publish a newsletter.

We have met the third weekend in March, with this same mission and purpose, successfully for many years.  Nothing has changed.  We are the Ohio Decoy Show. Come celebrate with us:  Same place, same time, March 16, 17, and 18, 2012, Westlake, Ohio.

Board of Directors ODCCA

Curt Johns                  Carole Kmetz              Cliff Kastl

Duane Ganser             Tom Whitlock              Gary Joe Bryan

Kyan Kraus                 Bob Lund                    Mark Costilow

Lorrie Johns

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