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Letter from the President - IWCA - Monty Willis

From the President,

I began with the IWCA at the Virginia Beach show in 1988. That was where I first met Bob Sutton and learned of his vision for organizing the International Wildfowl Carvers Association. What can I say to the members other than, “Wow, what a vision and how it has affected each of us through the years while striving to become carvers and competitors in the carving world.” 

Thank you to all of the members, affiliate member shows, sponsors, volunteers, all of the past and present IWCA Officers for their help and commitment in making the organization what it is today. However, we cannot stop in our endeavors to make it the very best carvers organization possible.

We have gone through hard times and good times in the past years and some of the goals too often, seem very difficult to achieve. While the economic situation may be some of the reason for lower entry numbers, there are still new carvers coming in and competing in our shows. Despite these challenges, it is our responsibility to perpetuate our mission for wildfowl carving and the future!

As President, I am asking each member to contribute in any way possible, to help us attain our goals. Bringing new people into carving, supporting the shows by competing as much as you can, and contributing your ideas will help in furthering the goals for wildfowl carving. In order to continue we all will have to do as much as possible to support the IWCA Affiliate Member shows before it is too late!

Heartfelt thanks to Neal Stoneback and Gary Joe Bryan for their years of dedication in serving on the IWCA Board of Directors and for constantly promoting the IWCA.

So let’s kick off 2016 with all of the energy we can, to promote what we love and enjoy most!

Monty Willis - President IWCA

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