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The 39th Annual California Open Wildlife Art Festival

The 39th Annual California Open Wildlife Art Festival is just around the corner. The show is on February 11th and 12th at the McMillen Event Center in beautiful San Diego, CA.

Del Herbert's 1st place entry in the 2011 Palm Frond, Decoy contest

You can download the show brochure and entry form at the PSWA's download page.

In addition to being an IWCA member show with the classes you expect at a member show, there are a few additional events that make this show truely one-of a-kind.

Palm Frond Carvings:

These carvings are truely classic California. You can learn more about the history of palm frond carvings in our enrichment article section here: Palm Fronds: Found Wood. The challenge is to portray the “essense of the species” of your subject while retaining as much of the character of the palm frond as possible. There are two divisions. A Decoy division, and a decoritive division. There is also a substantial amount of prize money availble, so if you haven't already, look into this unique contest.

Golden Green Winged Teal:

Carvers are encouraged to freely express themselves and not be limited by rules. Teal will be judged floating, but do not need to self-right. The best Teal will be auctioned off with the proceeds going into a fund to teach kids to carve.


Contemporary Working Decoy:

The PSWA has taken a unique approach to the traditional working decoy class. In an effort to simplify the rules and encourage competition, yet still attempt to honor the spirit of the classic working decoy, The PSWA has taylored the event and rules to be as follows:

  • Enter what you have made and use for hunting. 
  • Decoys must self right and have a means of anchor attachment. 
  • Judges will emphasize simplicity and field markings.
  • Other than 1st, 2nd and 3rd BOS, all other entries will be available for sale to the public for $175. These carvers will receive $150 and PSWA will retain $25.00.

These are just a few events of many that make this a special show. Visit the PSWA's website for more details, and download the brochure for the full listing of events.


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