Significant Gift Giving

For those who are willing to contribute more to the carving community, IWCA has established a new ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CLUB. We are very much in need of additional funds in order to continue the programs voted for by your board representatives over the past several years.  The ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CLUB is a way to support what you have enjoyed and benefited from for years. Please join our new ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CLUB.


This is how it works. You can simply make a donation of $1,000 which we would be delighted to receive, or you can make a commitment to reach the goal of One Thousand Dollar’s worth of  contributions within a given number of years (you pick the time table). For those who have been making yearly donations, you will start with a credit amount toward the goal. If you would like to join this club, let us know and we’ll let you know your credit amount.  Let’s say you have contributed $400 in the past four years, the balance required to become a One Thousand Dollar contributor would be an additional $600 spread over the number of years of your choice.


In addition to acknowledging you publically in our Rules Book and web site, those who reach the ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CLUB goal will receive a special gift yet to be determined--a jacket, a lapel pin, a limited edition decoy, a limited edition piece of art by a noted artist. As a donor what would you enjoy receiving? Let us know.


Like many other non-profit (all volunteer) groups, we continue to exist only through your interest and generosity. Remember, we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and your contribution is tax deductible. Check with your tax accountant.